1. Building Permits

    Apply for necessary permits.

  2. Tax Exemptions

    Read about county tax exemption programs.

  3. Fingerprinting Services

    Learn how to get your fingerprints taken.

  4. Forms & Applications Portal

    Download various forms and applications.

  5. Hardship Assistance Program

    Read about the hardship assistance program.

  6. Land & Lot Index Searches

    Complete a land or lot index search.

  7. Marriage Ceremonies

    Get information about county-officiated ceremonies.

  8. North Dakota State Veteran's Programs

    Browse a list of North Dakota state-provided veteran's programs.

  9. North Dakota Veterans' Cemetery

    Find out about all of the services offered by the Veterans' Cemetery.

  10. North Dakota Veterans' Home

    Explore the activities and services provided by the Veteran's Home.

  11. Social Services

    Learn about social services and programs provided for people of all ages.

  12. Vacation Watch

    Sign up to have the Sheriff's Department watch check on your house while you're away.

  13. Veterans Aid Loan Program

    Obtain information about the Veterans' Aid Loan Program.

  14. Weed Control for Developers

    Obtain information about weed control.

  15. Weed Seed-Free Forage Program

    Read about the program.