Bidding, RFQs, and Surplus Equipment

Project Bid Postings

You can view current bids, proposals, plans, addendum, and bid tabulation sheets, all online. To view current Bid Posting visit QuestCDN.  If you have problems using the online system and would like hard copies please contact our office at 701-838-2810

Request for Proposals (RFP & RFQ)


Ward County is seeking proposals from prequalified engineering firms to perform preliminary engineering on the following project in Ward County scheduled to be completed.

BRO-0051(020) PCN 20373 – The removal of structure, installation of reinforced box culverts, grading, drainage, surfacing and incidentals of structure #51-146-41.0 over Puppy Dog Coulee, located 0.2 Miles West of County Road 19 South, near Minot, ND. The project will continue for 1.3 miles.

Work to be performed by Consultant includes: Inspection, Survey, Materials Testing, Coordination, and measuring and computing pay quantities.  Firms submitting proposals must be prequalified with NDDOT to perform the construction engineering activities identified above.  Firms may hire sub-consultants to perform work outside of their prequalified area of expertise.

 Surplus Property
The Ward County Highway Department is now selling used equipment via online auction. The auctions will normally be held a couple of times per year.

If you need further equipment information or would like to view a piece of equipment by appointment, contact Dwaine at 701-838-2810 any time Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. All equipment is located in Minot, at 900 SE 13th St.

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