Recording Requirements

General Requirements
  • Every document must be an original or a certified copy.  
  • Every document must have a 1-inch margin on either the top, bottom, left, or right side of each page of instrument.  
  • A 4-by-3 1/2-inch space must be provided on the first or last page of each instrument. If recording information can only be placed on the reverse side of an instrument, an additional page charge must be levied.
  • All dates must be filled in.
  • Documents must contain an adequate county legal description.
  • All signatures must be original and handwritten.
  • All original documents presented for recording must be notarized.
Deeds, Additional Requirements
The following is required for all deeds:
  • Statement of full consideration, as per NDCC 11-18-02.2 (not required on a deed covering minerals only)  
  • Post Office address for the grantee(s)
  • Name and address of drafter on a deed or contract for deed, executed January 1, 2000, or after or any instrument executed or acknowledged outside the state, containing a metes and bounds legal description
  • All previous years taxes must be paid in full. Meaning taxes must be paid in full up to January of the current year.
Mortgages, Additional Requirements
The following is required for mortgages:
  • Post Office address of the mortgagee(s)
  • Post Office address of the assignee(s)

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Ward County Recording Requirements