Social Services

Ward County Social Services is a department of the Ward County government that has been designated by law to provide poor relief and related services to the citizens of Ward County.

The majority of the services/programs offered by the county are done in conjunction with state and federal agencies, particularly the North Dakota Department of Human Services.
Social Services
Ward County Social Services provides a wide range of services including both social services and economic assistance programs. Some services are provided directly by county employees and other are provided through contracts.

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Administrative Structure
Ward County Social Services is directly responsible to the Ward County Social Service Board. The board is accountable to the Ward County Commission and, where designated, the North Dakota Department of Human Services.

The board consists of five members including four county commissioners and one community-at-large member. The board meets both regularly and in special session monthly. The board appoints the director of social services with the approval of the County Commission.


As of 2009, the Ward County Social Services agency has 69 authorized / budgeted positions. Personnel include social workers, eligibility specialists, homemakers, and support staff.

The 2009 Ward County Social Services operating budget is $4.6 million. This budget includes both the county share of funding for services and some state/federal programs. It does not include all financial benefits paid to/for clients through programs such as Medicaid, Temporary Assistance to Need Families (TANF), and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Mission Statement
The mission of Ward County Social Services is to provide quality programs and services, as directed by public policies, to vulnerable individuals and families to provide for basic needs, to ensure safety, and to promote self-sufficiency.