Weed Control

Weed Control Board
The Ward County Weed Control Board was established to control the spread of noxious weeds in Ward County. The board consists of a five members appointed by the County Commission. They work to provide leadership and education in the long term control of noxious weed management through cultural, biological, and chemical control. The board was founded in 1981.

Weed Control Officer
The Weed Control officer is responsible for the daily activities directed by the weed board.

Options for Control of Noxious Weeds
Mowing of the noxious weeds would be considered a form of weed control. The problem with just mowing the weeds is that most of our noxious weeds are perennial plants and will have a very extensive root system on them. If these plants are only mowed, than the root system will have a chance to expand and create more weed problems in the future.

The use of livestock is another form of weed control. Most goats and sheep will be able to tolerate the noxious weeds. Cattle and horses seem to have trouble digesting these weeds correctly unless they have been raised eating these plants and are used to the taste of them.