1. Auditor / Treasurer's Office

    Review the duties of the office.

  2. Board of Ward County Commissioners

  3. Building Inspector

    Building inspections

  4. Building Services

    Facility manager for Ward County.

  5. Emergency Management

    Learn about personal and county preparedness.

  6. Highway Department

    Learn all about the duties and services of the Highway Department.

  7. Human Resources

    Connect with the Human Resources Department.

  8. Library

    Visit your local library.

  9. NDSU Extension

    Visit the NDSU Extension website.

  10. Planning & Zoning

    Browse maps, resolutions, and applications.

  11. Recorder

    Obtain various records for the Recorder's Office.

  12. Sheriff’s Office

    View the responsibilities and services performed by the Sheriff’s Office.

  13. Social Services

    Explore the social services available in the area.

  14. State's Attorney

    Read about the responsibilities of the State's Attorney's Office.

  15. Superintendent of Schools

    Review resources provided by the Superintendent of Schools.

  16. Tax Equalization

    Learn about the tax equalization process.

  17. Veterans Services

    Review the services offered by the county to military veterans.

  18. Ward County Jail

    Get information about the Ward County Jail.

  19. Ward County Juvenile Detention

    Obtain information about the Ward County Juvenile Detention Center.

  20. Weed Control

    Browse information about Weed Control.