VA Medical Center, Fargo ND

Stanley/Minot Van to Fargo
The VA Transportation Network sponsors a van that runs from Stanley and/or Minot to the Fargo VA Medical Center once a week. The trip starts at 6 a.m. (Stanley) or 7 a.m. (Minot) and picks up riders at Minot, Towner, Rugby, Lakota, Devils Lake, and Grand Forks. The specific days of the week varies.
Beginning in 2014, the Minot van will leave from Minot every other week, alternating with the Stanley van.. See the 2015 schedule.
Scheduling a Ride
The van spends the night in Fargo and returns the next day. Veterans who ride the van must ensure that their VA medical appointments are scheduled after 1 p.m. on the day of deployment and ends before noon on the day of return.

To schedule a ride, contact Kathy at the Ward County Veteran's Service office at 701-857-6492 or Kimberly at 701-780-8296 in Grand Forks. You must reserve your seat before noon the day prior to deployment.

Prescriptions and Appointments
View instructional brochure: Automated Phone Service System Instructions. Use for Appointment Reminder, Prescription Refills and Status, and Appointment Inquirie

Directions from Minot to the Fargo VA Medical Center
  • Take Highway Two east to Grand Forks.
  • At Grand Forks, turn right on to I-29 South.
  • Upon entering Fargo, exit at Exit 67 to right.
  • At the ramp stoplight, turn left on to 19th Avenue North.
  • Drive east past the airport and Fargodome.
  • 19th Avenue will transition from four lanes to two lanes.
  • Stay on 19th Avenue until Elm Street.
  • Go straight ahead to enter the Regional Office parking lot, or turn left and drive one block, then turn right to enter the Medical Center parking lot.
Alternate Route
  • Drive south on Highway 83 to Bismarck. 
  • In Bismarck, take I-94 east to Fargo. 
  • In Fargo, take I-29 north to Exit 67, then follow the directions above.
Alternate Route
  • Drive southeast on Highway 52. 
  • At Jamestown, take I-94 east to Fargo, then follow the directions above.