Fizz, Boom, Read! Summer Reading!

Summer Reading
Summer 2014 Program Schedule

For information call 701-852-5388 (Minot) or 701-385-4090 Kenmare

Minot Program Schedule

Kenmare Program Schedule

June 9
Kickoff Party!

2:00pm at the Minot Auditorium!
June 3

Kickoff Party!

3:30pm at the gym.

 June 21st
Parshall Centennial Parade
  June 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th
 Read With Residents at the Kenmare Hospital or Maple View starting at 3:00pm
July 19th
ND State Fair Parade
  June 12th
 Craft Story Time 10:30am
*Please Sign-up Prior to Event
 July 22nd
Family Fun Day at the ND State Fair
  June 19th
 Story Time
      June 26th
CGC Story Time with Dogs
      June 30th
Family Night at the Library (Charades)
5:00pm - 6:00pm
*Please Sign-up Prior to Event
      July 3rd
 Story Time
      July 8th
 Refuge Day
10:30am - 1:30pm
*Please Sign-up Prior to Event
      July 10th
Craft Story Time
*Please Sign-up Prior to Event
      July 11th, 18th, and 25th
Read With Residents at the Kenmare Hospital or Maple View starting at 3:00pm
      July 17th
Story Time
      July 24th
Batman Story Time
Batman celebrates 75 years on July 26th
      July 28th
 Family Night at the Library (Board Games)
5:00pm - 6:00pm
*Please Sign-Up Prior to Event
Aug. 14th
Final Party
South Hill Complex
Minot, ND
  July 31st
Story Time/Final Party
*Bike Drawing
*Please Sign-up Prior to Event

The Ward County Public Library would like to thank our sponsors, who helped make these programs possible. - Hess Corporation, Hay Coulee Trucking, Souris River Telecommunications, Reservation Telephone Company, Taco Johns, Farm Credit Services.

Summer Reading Program Rules - Minot
Age Limit: 

This program is for children. 

To Sign Up: Sign up on the bookmobile, at the library in Minot, or at the kickoff on June 9th at the Minot Auditorium.  A reading log, pencil, bookmark, and summer reading tattoo will be received when you sign-up.
Rules: 1. After you have read a book, write the title and the number of pages on the reading log.  Books must be reading level appropriate.  Books that are over 300 pages in length will count as two books.
2.  There are four levels to earn prizes. At each level, you will get a prize for that level and an entry towards the grand prizes at the end of the summer.  Once the fourth level is reached, no more prizes can be earned until the final party.
3. Unless we are out of the level prize that you have earned, all prize choices are final.
4.  Grand Prizes will be chosen on Aug. 14th.  All reading logs must be turned in that day or by the last bookmobile stop in your area.
Rules:  For up to Age 7: 
 - Level One: 5 books
- Level Two: 10 books
- Level Three: 15 books
- Level Four: 20 books

Ages 8 and Up:
 - Level One: 8 books
 - Level Two: 16 books
 - Level Three: 24 books
 - Level Four: 32 books

Stopping into the Library or Bookmobile - small prize

Level One - Prize from our top drawer prizes
Level Two - Book from our second drawer prizes
Level Three - Prize from our bottom drawer prizes
Level Four - 1 prize from the bottom drawer and 1 book from the second drawer.


Summer Reading Program Rules - Kenmare
Age Limit: 

This program is for children. 

To Sign Up: Sign up in Kenmare at the library or at the kickoff event on June 3rd.

At the end of July, we will be drawing winners for two bikes

100 Minutes read and recorded on provided reading log = 1 entry into bike drawing

15 minutes read with a resident at the Maple View or the Kenmare Hospital = 5 entries into the drawing.

Prizes may be earned for the amount of books read during the summer!
15 books =1 smaller prize
50 books = 1 book
100 books = 1 larger prize

Record the title, the author, and the number of pages of each book on the provided book log.
100 pages = 2 books
200 pages = 3 books
300 pages = 4 books
**Books counted for this part of the program must be reading level appropriate.  Reading easy readers/picture books to younger siblings do not count.  This reading CAN be counted for entries into the bike drawing.

Prizes and, two bikes at the end of the summer
Share minutes and books read with Bree weekly and pick a prize from the goodie box.