Auditor / Treasurer's Office

Consolidation of the Office

The Ward County Auditor's Office consolidated with the County Treasurer's Office in 1996, under authority of the "Tool Chest" legislation contained in the North Dakota Century Code. 

The Ward County Auditor / Treasurer position had been elected for a number of years, but became an appointed position effective the first Monday in April, 2002. 

The office is the financial and administrative hub of the Courthouse, responsible for all financial matters, assessment records, tax collection and allocation; elections and clerking for several boards and commissions.


The Ward County Auditor / Treasurer's Office has several duties including:
  • Maintaining an inventory of fixed assets
  • Completing reviews and updating insurance coverage for county property
  • Verifying daily cash sheets
  • Issuing beer and liquor licenses
  • Issuing bingo and raffle permits
  • Issuing gaming and site authorization permits