Highway Department

The Ward County Highway Department is charged with the responsibility to construct, maintain, and operate the county road system as designated and selected by the Board of Ward County Commissioners.
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CR 23 Closed for Bridge Replacement

Swingen Construction has started work on the Phase SA-1, which will consist of the replacement of the bridge located on County Road 23 in the City of Sawyer . For more information on the project please visit mouseriverplan.com/phase-sa or check out their news release HERE for more information and detour map.

Ward County GIS Update


ESRI has launched an update which in turned has disrupted the gis.wardnd.com website and is no longer available for use. They are currently working on deploying a patch in order to fix this issue. Please use the link to the left "Ward County GIS" for our GIS maps/apps gallery.

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Ward County GIS