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CR 14 (72nd Street) Construction

Farden Construction is planning on mobilizing to the project starting July 31st and construction work on CR 14 will be under way. Access and traffic will be impacted as the existing asphalt will be removed between US 2 and 20th Ave, and the road may be closed in sections when new culverts are installed under the roadway. Once the culvert work is completed, the contractor will remove additional roadway materials and prep the road for base stabilization. The extra material needs to be haul away, to minimize changing the profile of the roadway in order to tie into the existing access points along the roadway and the base is being stabilized to address the issues with the subgrade created when the sewer district was put in many years ago. Once the base stabilization process is complete, new aggregate base will be brought in and then the roadway will be paved. Please see the contractors proposed schedule for the project. Farden Construction will be the prime on the project, and Behold Paving will be placing the Hot Bituminous Pavement. More Information

Highway Mowing

The Ward County Highway Department will start mowing the ditches around the Minot area around the end of June. Additional ditch mowing extending out into the county will start around the second week of July. Adjacent landowners who plan to mow ditches for hay should cut before the county mows these areas. There will be no exceptions to leaving sections for haying. A map of the mowing areas is located below. Please note that in areas where there are construction projects scheduled, mowing be completed as a part of the project, prior to the time indicated on the website. Please see our construction page for more information.  https://www.co.ward.nd.us/166/Engineering-Construction

Schedule Map

See the mowing schedule map, but please note the schedule may vary.

Hay Bales

No hay bales can be placed within the clear zone of a county road (20 ft off the edge of the roadway) . All hay bales shall be removed from county road ditches by November 1.  Unclaimed hay bales will become the property of Ward County and will be sold or burned after November 1.

Ditch Mowing
Blue Bridge

Blue Bridge Rehabilitation

Ward County Highway Department is currently seeking a grant to rehab the "Blue Bridge" near Logan. The “Blue Bridge” as known for its blue paint color (shown in the photo on the right) was constructed back in 1928 and was originally located on County Road 17 over the Souris River between US Highway 52 and County Road 15 W. It wasn’t until 1992 when the bridge was relocated to its current home on 89th Street SE off of County Road 19 S near the town site of Logan, North Dakota. This is the last truss style bridge in Ward County, North Dakota.  If you would like to learn more, please check out the Blue Bridge Rehabilitation page.

Ward County GIS Update

ESRI has launched an update which in turned has disrupted the gis.wardnd.com website and is no longer available for use. They are currently working on deploying a patch in order to fix this issue. Please use the link to the left "Ward County GIS" for our GIS maps/apps gallery.

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