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The Ward County Highway Department will engage the services of a prequalified engineering firm to perform construction engineering on the following project in Ward County scheduled to be completed by November 1, 2024. The project has been included in the June 9, 2023 bid opening as BRC-ROM-0300(153), PCN 23677.

BRC-ROM-0300(153), PCN 23677 – Bridge replacement of existing Structure No. 51-117-20.1 with installation of the proposed Structure No. 51-117-20.3; County Road 5 (a.k.a. Main Street North), over the Des Lacs River, in Donnybrook City, North Dakota.

Work at this site consists of removing and replacing an existing 31-foot, single span concrete bridge supported on concrete abutments that carries County Highway 5 over the Des Lacs River, approximately 0.25 miles northeast of Donnybrook, North Dakota. The new bridge will be a 96-foot, two span prestressed box beam bridge having a clear roadway width of 36'-0".

To view the RFP, please following link:

RFP for CE BRC-ROM-0300(153), PCN 23677