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Ward County SW & SE Connector Corridor Study

Due to ongoing growth in the City of Minot in Ward County, North Dakota, transportation demands have greatly increased. To meet these demands and improve traffic safety, Ward County is envisioning a southwest and southeast connector corridor. These improvements would alleviate some of the worst congestion on the existing roadways, including US 83/Broadway, US 52, and US 2. In addition, these improvements would establish new routes where none exist, improving mobility for cars and trucks. 

Please check out a copy of the full report Ward County SE/SW Connector Study - Final Report

Ward County Connector Corridor Page

2022 Construction

  • Hot Bituminous Overlay project on CR 1 & 2 west of Kenmare - Under Construction
  • Crack and Chip Seal project on CR 6 between US 83 & Carpio - Tentative Start Date - August 1st
  • Micro Surfacing project on CR 9, 9A & 10 between Berthold and CR 14 - Tentative Start Date - July 19th
  • Velva/Sawyer Township Bridge Replacement - Under Construction
  • CR 23/City of Sawyer Bridge Replacement - Under Construction SRJB Project Cameras - live streaming and project history

2022 Construction
Ward County Transportation Plan
October 1, 2019

One of Ward County’s primary goals is to establish a county-wide transportation system plan that provides the capacity to move people, materials, and goods with maximum efficiency, comfort, and safety. The County maintains about 715 miles of roadway and 72 bridges within geographic area of 2,056 square miles. Public transit, railroads, and airports are also essential elements of the transportation system in Ward County. This element of the Comprehensive and Transportation Plan identifies existing issues and projected needs as identified by the public and key stakeholders throughout Ward County and the project team.
Ward County Transportation Plan (PDF)