Highway Mowing

The Ward County Highway Department will start mowing the ditches around the Minot area the last week of June.  Additional ditch mowing extending out into the county will start around the second week of July.  Adjacent landowners who plan to mow ditches for hay should cut before the county mows these areas. There will be no exceptions to leaving sections for haying. A map of the mowing areas is located below. Please note that in areas were there are construction projects scheduled, mowing be be completed as a part of the project, prior to the time indicated on the website. Here is a link to our construction map.

Schedule Map

See the mowing schedule map, but please note the schedule may vary.

Hay Bales

No hay bales can be placed within the clear zone of a county road (20 ft off the edge of the roadway) . All hay bales shall be removed from county road ditches by November 1.  Unclaimed hay bales will become the property of Ward County and will be sold or burned after November 1.

Ditch Mowing