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Overweight - Oversized Permits

Load Restriction Map

Statewide County Load Restriction Map

Notice - 2023 Load Restrictions

Effective Wednesday, May 24, 2023 spring load restrictions will be lifted. See map for further details.

Load Restrictions & Overload Permits
Please be advised that most of the roads in Ward County are 80,000-pound (40-ton) maximum load, with the exception of some roads that have been upgraded to 105,500-pound maximum loads. Ward County roads are posted with both 80,000-pound and 105,500-pound signs and are shown on the load map.

State road load restrictions are available here.

Overload permits are available for non-divisible loads, and the permits are found below. Please note that the Uniform Truck Permit available from the ND Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties is only valid on non-restricted roads and must have a validation number. Any road that is posted as an 8-ton per axle or less or those shown as 80,000-pound (40-ton) maximum load restriction will need an over-sized permit from Ward County Highway Department.