Planning & Zoning

The Ward County Planning & Zoning office promotes sound growth and planning policies by preparing, implementing, and administering land use plans, policies, rules, and regulations.

The offices works closely with the Highway Department and the County Planning Commission to enforce county planning and enforcement issues and related ordinances, land use, and environmental plans and regulations and enforce floodplain regulations.
Planning Information
Planning and Zoning Application are due no later than the 15th of the month for the following month's agenda.

Ward County is updating its Comprehensive Plan and Ordinances over the next two years. To keep up to date with the project process, go to the project website From the website, questions and comments can be submitted.

Changes to FEMA Flood RISK Maps                            

Update to the Ward County RiskMAP Project timeline.  Following the FEMA meetings in 2017, Ward County submitted comments in November of 2017.  In April of 2018, FEMA informed Ward County the Preliminary Maps for Ward County will need to revised based on the comments submitted. The tentative date for updated preliminary maps are scheduled for Dec 2018

FEMA Maps 01