Real Estate Recording Fees


& Requirements

  • Recording fees for documents with 1 to 6 pages will be $20.00.
  • Recording fees for documents with 7 to 25 pages will be $65.00.
  • $3.00 per page fee will be added for any additional page over 25.
  • All Documents must have a three inch margin across the top of the first page of each instrument for recording information. This space must be blank and free of any lines, return addresses or anything else. If three inches are not available on the top of the first page, the recorder shall add a page to the end of the recording and charge accordingly, if necessary.
  • There is a 1-inch margin requirement on each instrument presented for recording. Each document must contain a 1-inch margin either on top, bottom, or one side of each page of the instrument for the placement of computerized labels. The margin must be completely blank with no markings. If this margin requirement is not met, an additional fee of $10 will be charged.
  • Documents which satisfy, release, assign, subordinate, continue, amend or extend a previously recorded document will have an additional fee of $3 for each additional document number listed after the first ten.
  • Documents containing more than ten sections of land will be charged an additional $1 per section after the first ten.
    • If the same section is listed more than once it will be counted every time it is listed.
  • There is a filing fee of $10 for documents that are filed rather than recorded.