North Dakota Central Indexing System

The Central Indexing System is a computer-based system providing each of the 53 county recorder offices and the secretary of state with online access to the computer program and database. This system allows for the filing and searching of records at any one of the 54 offices. All data is entered into the central computer system, while original documents are retained in the individual filing office. The system is not a central filing system, but rather a filing system with a centralized computer database.

Obtaining Information
A state-wide perfection of a loan can be obtained by filing in any one of the 54 filing locations. There are six separate databases in which filing information can be maintained and searched.
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Index
  • Farm Products Central Notice (CNS) Index
  • Statutory Lien Index
  • Agricultural Statutory Lien Notice Index
  • Federal Lien Index
  • State Tax Lien Index
Ward County is happy to provide your UCC/CNS filing needs, please contact us at 701-857-6412 if we can be of assistance to you. Forms and instructions can be obtained online. For more information please see the secretary of state website.