Civil Process

The Civil Process Division is under the command of Captain Bob Roed and is comprised of two deputies and the court services officers who provide security to the courthouse.

The division is responsible for many different duties. Those duties include but are not limited to the service of civil process and criminal process, executing court orders and judgments, executing the eviction process, assisting landlords and tenants with disputes, collecting delinquent personal property taxes, conducting foreclosure sales for the county, maintaining an impound lot for abandoned vehicles, conducting public sales of those abandoned vehicles, dealing with mental health persons regarding involuntary committals, escorting prisoners to and from court, transporting prisoners to various facilities throughout the state, and handling numerous calls for service which are generated through dispatch and/or calls to the Sheriff’s Office.

Service Fees
  • Execution of Judgement $130
  • Service of Process in the Minot Area $45
  • Service of Process in Outlying Areas $80