Adult Services

Home and Community Based Services
In-home services are funded for the purpose of maximizing independent living for individuals choosing such services in lieu of long term care in a nursing facility. Services are funded by the Special Payments for the Elderly and Disabled (SPED) Program, Expanded SPED Program, Medicaid State Plan, Medicaid Waiver for Home and Community Based Services, as well as county funded services. For more information please visit Adult & Aging Services and/or contact our agency.

Home and Community Based Services include:

  • Case Management - With this service, a case manager helps plan and arrange for needed services.
  • Basic Care Assessments - With this service, case managers assess whether an individual meets the functional eligibility requirements for residence in a basic care facility.
  • Adult Residential - This service includes personal care services provided to individuals receiving care on a 24-hour basis in an Alzheimer’s unit.
  • Personal Care Services - This service is provided by an attendant who can help with dressing, grooming, bathing and skin care.
  • Homemaker - This service provided help with housework, laundry, meal preparation and shopping.
  • Emergency Response System - This service provides a telephone emergency response system for use in event of an accident or illness
  • Family Home Care - This service compensates a family member in the same household for daily help to an eligible client.
  • Adult Family Foster Care & Licensing - This service provides safe, supervised family living environment providing 24-hour care or supervision licensed by the state.
  • Respite Care - This service provides temporary relief to an eligible client's primary caregiver.
  • Chore - This service provides help with occasional tasks such as house cleaning, minor home repair, and snow removal.
  • Non-Medical Transportation - This service helps with essential trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, bank or post office.
  • Adult Day Care - This service provides social support and group activities to elderly for part of the day.
  • Specialized Equipment & Supplies - This service provides equipment and supplies such as communication boards, remote controls to operate appliances, and special designed wheelchair lap trays.
  • Environmental Modifications - This service provides structural modifications to the home, examples include widening of doorways and building wheelchair ramps.