Mail & Telephone


All correspondence, both verbal and written, is subject to monitoring.

Juvenile Mail

All outgoing and incoming mail is subject to inspection by the WCJDC staff. Juvenile mail will be received and mailed on a daily basis excluding weekends and holidays. All mail is to be fully addressed.

Incoming Mail

Juveniles will be allowed to keep first first-class and certified mail in their room. All other classes will be placed in their lockers. Incoming mail may include: paper with words and/or drawings; signed non-musical, commercial greeting cards and postcards; photographs (Polaroid photos must have the backing removed); and periodicals and published materials shipped from the publisher. Youths may receive mail at the address listed below. The youth’s name must appear on the second line of the address.
Ward County Juvenile Detention Center (Youth’s Name)
P.O. Box 907
Minot, ND 58702

All mail to and from juveniles in detention must be routed through the US Postal Service. No letters, cards, parcels, may be hand carried into the visiting area or delivered to the booking officer at any other time. Bulk mailing materials may be rejected. Sexually explicit publications will be prohibited. Juvenile mail may be withheld and/or censored for deceptive pornography and inflammatory writings, or read when there is convincing evidence that the contents of the mail possess a threat to the safety and security of the WCJDC, public officials, or the general public.

Outgoing Mail

WCJDC shall provide two stamps per week per juvenile. Any extra postage needed can be purchased at the Detention Office. Stamps purchased outside of the facility will not be allowed. Outgoing general correspondence may be scanned, censored, or rejected and returned to the juvenile.

A juvenile held in the Ward County Juvenile Detention Center cannot correspond with any inmate or juvenile being held in another detention or correctional facility. This includes any verbal, visual, written, or other means of communication.

Juvenile Phone Calls

Juveniles calls can be made between 8am -10pm (ALL CALLS ARE MONITORED). No incoming phone calls are allowed to juveniles. Phone use is a privilege available to youth whose conduct while in detention has not warranted restriction.

Outbound Calls

Immediate family including parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and siblings; attorneys; and clergyman are permitted. Toll-free, call forwarding, conference, and three-way calling is not permitted. All calls made from the Ward County Juvenile Detention Center are collect regardless of where the immediate family member resides. Phone calls to immediate family will be collect calls that the person must accept or a detention issued phone card must be purchased.

For any questions regarding bills, prices, telephone number blocks, or inability to receive calls please contact Reliance Telephone at 800-896-3201.

Calling Cards

  • Resident phone cards are available online by the public at
  • Cards are available in $10 and $20 denominations. 
  • Calling card PIN numbers can be dropped off or phoned in to Juvenile Detention.
  • Detention calling cards allow the juvenile to contact immediate family members who may have a block on their phone.
  • Be advised, no refunds will be made.

Juveniles Receiving Calls / Messages

Youth are not permitted to receive phone calls but can receive messages on their voicemail. Call 701-792-6930 to leave a message for juveniles. Messages are not confidential. All rules and regulations are subject to change.