State Attorney

The State’s Attorney’s Office is primarily a prosecuting agency representing the citizens of Ward County and the victim(s) of crimes. The office handles felony, misdemeanor, infraction, and traffic cases as well as juvenile court matters, and mental health hearings. The state’s attorney is legal counselor for all county officials and is chief prosecuting officer of the county. The state’s attorney is an elected official who stands for election every four years.

  • Prosecution of Criminals in District Court  
  • Coordinate Support Services for Victims or Witnesses of a crime
  • Juvenile Matters
  • Mental Health Commitments
There is no fee for any services of the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Crime Investigations

If someone feels that he is the victim of a crime (as opposed to a civil matter) they should report it to law enforcement for investigation. If the crime occurred in city limits it should be reported to the Minot Police Department at 701-852-0111. If the crime occurred in Ward County it should be reported to the Ward County Sheriff’s Department at 701-857-6500.

After the investigation is complete, one of the attorneys in the State’s Attorney’s Office will review the matter and make a determination whether criminal charges will be filed and what the charges will be.

Civil Matters
If your matter is of a civil nature, you will have to contact a private attorney, as the State's Attorney's Office is prohibited by law to advise on civil matters. The Victim / Witness Coordinator's Office will notify victims of any upcoming court proceedings or open plea recommendations pertaining to their case.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Ward County State’s Attorney’s Office is to achieve justice, public safety, and effective government by prosecuting criminals, providing legal advice to county boards and commissioners and representing Ward County.