District Maps

Ward County School Districts
The Ward County School Districts map was created by the Ward County GIS Coordinator to help people moving into the county.  If you live in the city of Minot you are not automatically in the Minot Public School district.  
In order to see individual neighborhoods you will have to zoom in using the "+" sign on the map.   As you zoom in using the "+" sign individual layers of the map will start to appear and give you an idea of the school district in a neighborhood.  You will have to right click on your mouse and hold it down to drag the map to the center of the screen while zooming in on a neighborhood.  If you click on the double arrows located in the top left corner of the map the key will be exposed which will tell you the colors of the school districts.  It is hidden on the current view to save space.
A process called School District Annexation could be occurring in your neighborhood.  It is a legal process that changes the school district lines.  Annexations become affective July 1st of the year after the hearing and require approval by the State Board of Education.  If you live in an area where school annexations are common it may be that your property will change school districts after July 1st.  Please call prior to purchasing your home if you are unsure which school district you are located.