Please refer all questions regarding transportation of your child to the school district of the child's residence. Each school district within Ward County has a separate bus schedule which is governed by the school district.

Bus Driver Workshop
Each year this office will conduct a bus driver workshop on the first Wednesday of October from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. As a school bus driver, you will be required to complete the following form at the training. So please bring your driver's license, health card and Defensive Driving course information. Defensive Driving courses are offered every five years.
Bus Driver Roadeo
On a year where a Bus Driver Roadeo is offered, the questions on the 50-word test will be selected from the School Bus Driver's Guide and the Commercial Driver and Guide.

School Bus Inspections
Each year this office will schedule a time for the North Dakota Highway Patrol to inspect buses within the county that transport student.