Hardship Assistance Program

The purpose of this assistance is to provide monies taken from earned interest of the Veterans Post War Trust Fund to give aid and comfort to veterans as defined in North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) 37-14, and their spouses, un-remarried widow or widower. The applicants must have a need of dental work, optical needs, hearing aids, transportation for medical reasons or a special requirement.

The Applicant Requirements Policy
The applicant must be either a veteran as defined NDCC 37-14-01.1, a spouse of an eligible veteran or an un-remarried widow / widower of an eligible veteran. If the application is found to have false information, the applicant will not be considered. Applicants may be eligible for both the hardship assistance program as well as the loan program.

The application must be completed, dated and signed with the CVSO or authorizing authority section filled in. Applications must be submitted with required and supporting documentation. Work cannot be done prior to the date of approval letter unless authorized by Commissioner or Authorizing Agent.

Definition of a Veteran
NDCC 37-14-01.1 Definition of a Veteran: As used in this chapter, "veteran" means an individual who served in the armed forces of the United States on federal active duty for reasons other than training and who has been discharged under other than dishonorable conditions. Documentation will be required.

Proof of Residency
The applicant must be a resident of North Dakota for one year prior to date of application. Documentation will be required.

Income Guidelines for Applicants

Income will be based on established indexes such as pension rates and poverty guidelines which will be reviewed annually. Documentation will be required.
Household Size
Income Limit

Cash Assets
Applicant cannot have over $4,000 in cash assets, with the exception that they and their spouse may each have $5,000 in a CD designated for burial purposes.


Approved applications for dental, hearing and optical grants are to be paid directly to vendor unless authorized by commissioner.

Maximum Amount & Replacement Per Category
  • Dental $1,000 per calendar year.  An exam, cleaning, and x-rays are covered if there is a medical need or a pain that needs to be addressed; however, preventative maintenance procedures such as a routine annual exam, periodontal check-ups, and cleaning will not be covered if there is no specific medical reason. Gum disease treatment will not be covered.
  • Denture Procedures $3,000 per calendar year.  Available for full or partial denture and any required extractions.  Requires an estimate included with the application.  If the applicant does not require dentures, they will fall under the general dental grant and be eligible for only that amount.  Replacement pieces are allowed after a five year interval from date of approval.
  • Optical $300 two-year interval from date of approval.  Items we will not pay for are: progressive lenses, sunglasses, scratch coating and tint, unless the doctor prescribes it because of a medical need, such as being light sensitive. Preventative maintenance procedures such as a routine annual exam and yearly exams due to diabetes will not be covered if there is no specific medical reason to be seen.
  • Hearing $1,500 four-year interval from date of approval.
  • Special $1,000 at the commissioner’s discretion.  Defined as a medical or life-threatening need.
  • Transportation $250 reimbursement, documentation required.
  • Deposit $500 on-time grant.  Payment will go directly to property management.  Funds will be returned to the department upon moving.  Veteran must sign a minimum of one year lease in the state of North Dakota.  Must provide a copy of the signed lease agreement.  This grant does not cover pet deposits of any sort.
  • Commissioner's Discretionary Fund $1000 per month program total (statewide).  The fund will be disbursed at the discretion of the Commissioner.  The grant would cover emergent small incidentals that come up and are not covered by other sources.  Application and supporting documents may be accepted upon Commissioner's discretion.
  • Grants have a $4,000  cap per calendar year per applicant. Grants are considered issued during the calendar year in which it is approved. If an applicant has shown a pattern of program misuse, the commissioner with the approval of the chairman, may place stipulations upon the applicant’s grant request.
Cancellation Policy
Commissioner or Authorizing Agent has the ability to cancel the grant after a given time period.