North Dakota Veterans Home

Services Provided by the Home
The North Dakota Veterans Home provides a safe, clean, homelike environment to meet the medical, social, emotional, and psychological needs of eligible residents, with the focus on improving their health and maintaining their independence while respecting their confidentiality and personal dignity.

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Veterans and their spouses are admitted and/or retained without distinction due to race, color, national origin, handicapping condition, religion, creed, sex, or age; who do not endanger the health, safety, or rights of other residents; and whose needs can be met in accordance with state and federal regulations regarding care, facility policies, fiscal resources, and staff adequate in numbers, qualifications, training, and skills. Admission to the home is made on completed forms furnished by the Veterans Home.

These forms may be obtained from the County Veteran Services officer, the Veterans Administration Social Work Services, or directly from the home. The forms consist of the Application for Admission and the Medical Certificate. The certification by a county official must also be completed by either an elected or appointed county official. The completed application along with the discharge or certificate of service is forwarded to the Commandant who submits the Application for Admission, Medical Certificate and discharge papers to the Board of Admissions for action. The applicant is notified by letter of the action taken and normally has 30 days to report for admission if the application has been approved.

The North Dakota Veterans Home, located in Lisbon, North Dakota, consists of 112 basic care and 38 skilled nursing beds. The Veterans Home was established to provide service to eligible veterans who are any of the following:
  • Bona fide residents of North Dakota for at least one year
  • Served in a North Dakota regiment or an activated North Dakota National Guard unit
  • Entered the armed forces as a North Dakota resident
  • Spouse or surviving spouse of any above veterans
No veteran may be considered eligible for residency whose last period of service in the armed forces terminated under dishonorable conditions. No veteran may be admitted to the home who has been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude, without producing sufficient evidence of subsequent good conduct and reformation of character so as to be satisfactory to the board of admissions.
Residency Costs
  • Rent
  • Basic Care: Each applicant upon entering the Basic Care Unit will have his finances reviewed and a rent charge determined if applicable.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility: Charges are based on the case mix payment system developed by the state. The rate is determined by the resident’s classification which is generated by information regarding the amount of care the resident requires. The rate may also be supplemented by VA per diem and Aid and Attendance. If the resident is qualified by the VA, these payments directly offset his/her daily rate.