Services Provided by the Home

Activities Services
Activities personnel supervise all activities and recreation programs at the home. They are liaison between veteran, fraternal, church, and other organizations in the state who volunteer their services. The programs cover a broad spectrum including crafts, woodworking, concerts, field trips, community programs, games, dances, parties, movies, picnics, gifts, and special holiday activities. An extensive library with a wide range of books, magazines, and daily and weekly papers is available.

TV lounges are provided for regular entertainment. Residents may also have their own TVs in their rooms. Cable is provided for a fee. The residents have their own daily coffee hour both morning and afternoon where they can gather, have coffee, or hot chocolate and visit. Popcorn is made by residents for all to enjoy. One lounge has been designated a "listening room" which includes cassettes, 8-tracks, AM-FM radio and phonographs. The lounge has a selection of records, tapes, and talking books for their listening pleasure.

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Food Service
Well-prepared appetizing food is served in a pleasant dining area located on the ground floor. Dietary service is provided for those with special needs. The weekly menu is also posted for review by the residents. Dietary service is provided for those with special needs by a licensed dietitian. Skilled residents have their meals provided in their dining room.

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Glasses / Dental Service
If you feel you need glasses or dental care, contact your social worker or charge nurse to make an appointment. These types of examinations will be at your own expense.

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Housekeeping Services
Housekeeping services are provided on a routine basis and clean linen and towels are furnished regularly.

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Laundry Services
The home provides weekly laundry services to its residents. Clothing should be durable and colorfast so it may be laundered frequently. Although cotton shirts and trousers are acceptable, permanent press is recommended. No dry cleaning service is available, consequently, dry-cleanable clothing must be presentably maintained at the resident’s expense.

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Medical Services
Medical services are provided by a local physician who conducts weekly visits and is on emergency call to the home. Nursing Service distributes medications, administers insulin shots, and gives oxygen therapy. If hospitalization is required by any of the residents, they will be admitted to their hospital of choice. Medications are not furnished by the home. Consequently, if residents do not qualify for medication through the Veterans Administration, they are required to purchase it locally.

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Chemical Addiction Program
The Home has a consulting licensed addiction counselor on staff to handle any alcohol / drug problems that occur. This process consists of the following:
  1. An evaluation is completed on all new residents within the first two weeks after admittance.
  2. An individualized program development for each resident, that may include medical, recreation / work activities, as well as pastoral services.
  3. Depending on the plan, implementation of group therapy, family therapy, and individual counseling as necessary.
  4. Members are helped with the development of ongoing AA groups at the home.
  5. Occasionally, inpatient referrals to other chemical dependency treatment services is necessary.
All residents with alcohol/drug problems are required to participate in addiction programming. Developmental process provides a full range of service to the individual experiencing alcohol and drug problems. The need for changes in programming will be re-assessed on a continuing basis and any changes necessary will be initiated.

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Barber / Beautician
A barber/beautician visits the Home every week. Payment for the service is handled by the member or the Cashier’s Office. Residents of the Skilled Nursing facility are provided one haircut per month, anything more than that is the residents expense.

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Dormitory Service
Most of the dormitory rooms are two-member rooms and provide adequate clothing storage facilities. Two elevators furnish easy access to all four floors for the members who cannot easily negotiate stairs.

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Many of the local veteran organizations and their auxiliaries make numerous trips to the Home during the year to provide entertainment. The entertainment is usually in the form of bingo, games or musical programs. The local community groups also sponsor entertainment throughout the year.

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Pastoral Service
A part-time chaplain serves the member of the home by providing counseling and spiritual guidance. The chaplain also coordinates with other pastors in the community who conduct weekly religious services at the Home for both Catholic and Protestant members. Funeral services or memorial services are also conducted.

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Psychiatric Consultation
You may make an appointment for psychiatric consultation through your social worker, charge nurse, or physician. The psychiatrist interviews all members referred to him/her by the staff and follows the individuals progress.

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Resident Activities
One wing of the ground floor has been modified for resident use. Rooms within the wing are equipped with various types of equipment requested by the residents themselves. Included are sewing machines, leather tools, loom, exercise equipment, grow lights, saws, drill press, lathe, ceramic supplies and equipment, and washers and dryers for residents who prefer to do their own laundry. There is also a whirlpool for residents who require its use by doctor’s orders and is only used under the medical department’s supervision.

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Social Services
Social Services are available to help you with family problems, counseling, referrals for glasses, hearing aids, etc. The social worker may also be able to help you over come problems within the Home, such as difficulties with roommates or any other frustrating situations. Each member has his/her own case manager.

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