Weed Control Association

The North Dakota Weed Control Association (NDWCA) was organized in 1983 with a mission to provide the vision and leadership necessary to increase a commitment to effective weed management in North Dakota. Their goal is to help provide the education, the tools, and policy to further the control and management of weeds by county and city weed boards, private landowners, and managers of state and federal lands.
NDWCA’s Objectives
  • Leadership: To provide leadership for weed management in North Dakota.
  • Awareness: To encourage and sponsor education and awareness programs in weed management. The Northern Plains Weed Management Symposium has been a major educational effort.
  • Liaison: To provide the liason among city and county weed boards, weed control offices, groups, organizations, agencies, companies, and individuals concerned with weed management programs.
  • Assist: To assist the ND Department of Agriculture in the development of effective and efficient weed management programs for North Dakota.
  • Legislation: To develop and promote appropriate legislation pertaining to weed management. Legislative activities and lobbying at the state and national level are in important function of NDWCA.
  • Research: To encourage and support research on weed problems and their solutions.
  • Educational Booths: ND Winter Show in Valley City; KMOT Ag Expo in Minot; and KFYR Days in Bismarck.