Gaming Information

Gaming Site Authorization Instructions
Please send or deliver your application package to the Auditor / Treasurer's Office. The materials will be reviewed and taken to the Ward County Board of Commissioners for approval. If you have any questions about the site authorization process, please call 701-857-6420.

The following materials must be submitted for renewal:
  • The completed, signed, and notarized application form
  • The completed site authorization form you received from the Attorney General’s Office
  • A check for $100 (per application) made payable to the Ward County Auditor / Treasurer
  • A copy of the lease between the gaming organization and the gaming site premises owner
Site Inspections
For gaming sites not wholly located within the licensed premises of a retail, on-sale liquor establishment, the applicant must also provide a written and signed inspection report for the site from the First District Health Unit and the fire chief or fire marshal of the applicable fire district.