Raffle Information

Application Information

To obtain a raffle permit you will need to fill out the following two forms listed below and return them to the Ward County Auditor / Treasurer's Office with a $25 application fee. Applications must be received at least two weeks prior to any commission meeting (held on the first and third Tuesday of each month). For more information, please call 701-857-6420.

Completed application forms can be mailed to:

Ward County Auditor / Treasurer's Office

P.O. Box 5005

Minot, ND 58702-5005

Raffle Rules

Read the Ward County Resolution on Local Authorization for Gaming by Nonprofit Organizations.

Location of the Drawing

Where you are drawing the tickets, not selling them, determines where you would obtain your raffle permit.  If you will be drawing your ticket within the city limits of Minot, please contact the City of Minot to obtain your permit.  If you will be drawing your ticket outside the City of Minot, you must obtain your permit from Ward County.  Please note that the North Dakota State Fair Center is considered part of Ward County, not the City of Minot.  Please call the Auditor / Treasurer's office with questions at 701-857-6420.

Eligible Organizations

Raffle Permits are approved by the Board County Commissioners for nonprofit organizations only. If you are a for-profit organization that would like to conduct games of chance, please contact the Ward County Auditor / Treasurer's office for a Site Authorization Application Packet. Eligible nonprofit organizations include: veterans, charitable, educational, religious, fraternal, civic, and service, public safety, and/or public spirited organizations.

Please note that the North Dakota Games of Chance Administrative Rules Article 99-01.3-01-05(4) states, in part: "If an organization plans to conduct a raffle, a permit may not be issued more than one year prior to the first raffle drawing date."