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Township Forms Instructions

Ward County has 57 townships. According to NDCC 58-04-01 townships are to hold their annual meeting the third Tuesday in March each year.

Township Officials Names & Addresses Form

This form is to be filled out in its entirety by and returned to this office by the end of March. We use these reports to complete our annual township directory, which is put together this summer. So if your list of officers is not completed by April, your township list will not be updated for another year. Please be accurate and include the 911 addresses and mailing addresses (if different) for all members. Download the form.

Annual Township Budget Form

To be prepared prior to or at the annual township meeting. Final action to approve the budget and levy must come from the Township Board. Prepare Schedule C Form first, then schedule B, then complete schedule A (Annual Township Budget Form). One copy of this document is to be filed in this office within 10 days after your annual meeting.

If you are levying for an excess levy make sure you are using the current form and proper documentation (publications and certifications of election) with your budget requests. On the certification of levy, please include any levy for the general fund levy, excess levy and GO bond levy. Download the form.

Summary Document

Totals from the treasurer’s statement are copied to this report. When the beginning balance is added to the income and the expenses are deducted, the ending balance (line W61) should balance with your checkbook and savings accounts totals. These are based on calendar years, January through December. Download the form.

Annual Statement of Township Treasurer

If you do not serve in the dual capacity of clerk / treasurer, please forward this report to the treasurer as soon as possible. Be sure the copy is complete, signed by the Board of Audit, the totals are correct, and that it is returned to the Ward County Auditor / Treasurer's Office.  Download the form.

Excess Mill Levy Forms

We have provided the increase township tax levy form if the township board elects to use it.

Affidavit of Publication

We must receive a copy of your proof of publication of your annual meeting with all of your paperwork or shortly thereafter. North Dakota State Law requires our office to obtain and retain this record.


If you have any questions or problems completing these forms, feel free to call 701-857-6420 or stop in to the Auditor / Treasurer’s Office located on the second floor of the Ward County Administration Building.