Area Maps

PDF Maps

Ward County Map - County and Township Roads, Rail Roads, Street Names, Section Numbers, Township Names and Boundaries, and City Limits

GIS Maps

Ward County Parcel Viewer - Parcel ID, Acreage, School District, Owners Name, Legal, Address, Taxes and Valuation.

ND Road Condition Map - ND State nd US Highway Road Conditions, Work Zones and Cameras

Ward County GIS Portal - Parcel Map, Flood Maps, School Districts, Fire Districts, Voting Districts, and Zoning Map

City of Minot GIS Portal - Parcel Viewer, Construction Projects, Flood Control, Traffic Impact, Zoning Maps, Capital Improvement Projects, Rosehill Cemetery App, Sanitations Services Info.

North Dakota Risk Assessment Map Service (NDRAM) - allows users to zoom in and visually display current flood risks, both approximate floodplains from BLE and effective regulatory floodplains from FEMA’s NFIP. This new tool also provides users water surface elevations, flood depths, and the ability to download engineering model data and print customized maps making it useful for planning, mitigation, and disaster recovery actions.

NDDOT GIS Maps - Bridge Conditions, Historic Bridges, Material Sources, Right of Way Plats, RWIS, and Traffic Counts

North Dakota Oil and Gas GIS Map Viewer - Oil Well and Rig Locations Information

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