Public Notices

Landowners and Country Living
When a  developer decides to develop a parcel of land into sellable lots they have to realize that once they buy that land they are responsible for every aspect of that land including weed control. It becomes their responsibility to keep the noxious weeds under control as they are developing these lots.

The landowners adjacent to these new developments work hard to keep as few as possible amount of weeds on their land and they expect the same of any other landowner next to them. This holds true to anybody who buys a small parcel of land and want to live in the country. As a landowner you are responsible for every aspect of the land you have purchased.
Landowners Assistance Program
Landowners and operators can purchase certain herbicides through the Ward County Weed Control office for noxious weed control on their land as long as they have current certification for certain chemicals. These chemicals, when purchased through our office, are to be used in Ward County only and by the person purchasing the chemical.

The landowner or operator will only pay 25% of the cost of the chemical when purchased through out office. Call (701) 852-1970 for more information.
Haying Ditches that are Sprayed
Hay producers wishing to harvest ditch hay in state, county or township ditches need to be aware that the herbicides used by the Ward County Weed Control to control noxious weeds may have a haying/grazing restriction. This means that a certain amount of time must pass after herbicide application and grazing or haying operations may begin. These restrictions are dependent  upon the specific herbicide used and are listed on the product label.

Since spraying operations are dependent upon the weather, wind direction, and adjacent crop, the Ward County Weed Control cannot develop a schedule as to when a certain area will be sprayed. Hay producers should contact our office at (701) 852-1970 to determine, what, if any, restrictions apply for the area they wish to cut for hay.

Hay producers who prefer not to have any herbicides applied in the ditches they wish to cut for hay should also contact this office to identify those areas. The spray applicators will be notified to check those areas for noxious weeds after the ditches have been hayed. This will most likely be done in the fall.