Ward County Emergency Notifications


What are Hyper-Reach notifications?

Hyper-Reach is the emergency notification system Ward County uses to inform residents of emergency situations or critical community alerts. Once activated, the system will attempt to contact citizens up to three times and will leave messages in voicemail boxes and on answering machines. Messages can be sent to the entire county or to selected areas or neighborhoods.

What is Hyper-Reach used for?

Hyper-Reach alerts are issued for a variety of situations, including natural disasters, terrorism threats, gas leaks, water contamination, chemical spills, missing child alerts, severe weather such as tornadoes and flash flooding, and for general community notifications.

When you sign up for Hyper-Reach alerts you are choosing to receive emergency alerts issued by county officials; you may also choose to receive these optional alerts:

  • Severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service:    
    • Tornado       
    • Severe Thunderstorm       
    • Flash Flood    
  • General notifications (example: change in garbage pick-up schedule)

Please assist family, friends, and neighbors in signing up for the Hyper-Reach system if they are unable to do so themselves. Residents can also call (701) 857-6422 for assistance.


Stop Receiving Hyper-Reach Alerts

To stop receiving Hyper-Reach emergency notifications and/or weather alerts please complete this form.