Ward County Sheriff Reserve Deputy

What is a Reserve Deputy?

Reserve/Auxiliary Law Enforcement Units are made up of persons who are interested in the welfare of the people and in the protection of property in their community.  These persons are of the "community policing" ilk as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).  This country's 400,000+ "ultimate volunteers" are peace officers who are interested in the principles of "just" and "equitable" law enforcement.  A well-organized reserve division serves as a readily available source of properly trained, backup manpower for both large and small law enforcement departments.  They join together to assist their local, state, county, and national law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime through the performance of their duties; that of effective and reliable back-up for full-time officers.  Reserve/Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officers serve their agencies in routine department activities, emergencies, natural disasters, and in special departmental divisions of expertise.  Besides donating many hours per month to their law enforcement agencies, many reserves also hold down full-time jobs.

The Ward County Sheriff Reserve program is composed of volunteer uniformed reserve deputies and is under the authority of the Ward County Sheriff. They assist full-time deputies with their daily activities and help with events like the North Dakota State Fair and the Norsk Hostfest. The reserves have bi-monthly meetings/training.


Ward County Law Enforcement Reserves Application

If you have any additional questions about our reserve deputy program, please contact Captain Jason Kraft at 701-857-6500.