Surgical Mask Patterns

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Q: Where can I drop off masks I have already made? 
  • A: Call ahead to 701-857-6560 if you have masks to drop by, and we will make sure someone can meet you at the door to receive your donation. We are open M-F 8am-430pm. Our address is 225 3rd St SE Minot, ND 58701, and we would like people to come to the south side door across from the courthouse. 
  • Q: Is there a specific pattern needed?
  • A: There are two recommended styles below for those making from scratch, but any and all donations are being accepted at this time. 
  • Q: Should they be made with elastic or ties? 
  • A: Elastic is preferable if available, but the ties are acceptable. If using elastic, it should be 1/4 inch. 
  • Q: Does this mask need a pocket for an insert?
  • A: No, no inserts are being used with these masks so they are not necessary. 
  • Q: What kind of fabric should be used?
  • A: 100% cotton or any other type of tightly woven fabric. 
  • Q: What other tips should be followed when preparing the fabric?
  • A: Materials should be washed in hot water prior to sewing to prevent shrinkage. 
  • A: Masks will be laundered by the facility prior to use also, so there is no need to launder upon completion.
  • A: Please use contrasting colors if possible to differentiate the sides of the mask. 

For a video on how to create a mask with ties created by one of our wonderful volunteers, please go to the following link:

Pattern 1

Surgical mask pattern 3_Page_1
Surgical mask pattern 3_Page_2
Surgical mask pattern 3_Page_3
Surgical mask pattern 3_Page_4
Surgical mask pattern 3_Page_5
Surgical mask pattern 3_Page_6

Pattern 2 

Surgical mask pattern_Page_1
Surgical mask pattern_Page_2