Update: February 2023 - Plans have been updated to about 90% completed and the project is tentatively budgeted for construction in 2025 or 2026, but will dependent on funding.

Update: July 2022 - Ward County Highway Department is in the process of making updates to the plans for the proposed County Road 14 reconstruction project that will take place in the upcoming years. Based on input from the local citizens in the project area, the new design will minimize impacts to local trees outside of the right-of-way and try to minimize the placement of fill as much as possible.

The proposed improvements to CR 14 starting near the intersection of 20th Street and ending near the intersection of 38th Street and 37th Avenue in the Meadowbrook areas are proposed to consist of the following.

  • Replacement of any centerline Corrugated Metal Pipe with Reinforced Concrete Pipe
  • Replacement Concrete Culvert south of the 37th Ave with a Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert
  • Clear Zone Improvement (making sure the inslope are not steeper than a 4:1 within the 14ft clear zone.)
  • Removal of existing asphalt surface
  • Subgrade Stabilization
  • Placement of aggrege base and 4" of Bituminous Pavement
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