Connector Corridor Study

Update: June 2, 2023

Ward County was awarded HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Program) funding to improve the intersection at County Road 14 & 17, located west of the new Trinity Hospital. Design work will begin in the spring of 2024, with a proposed bid date in 2026.

Roundabout at the intersection of CR 14 & 17

Update: March 1, 2023

Ward County and the City of Minot submitted a $3 million raise grant termed the Minot’s Accessible, Growth-driving Intermodal Connector (MAGIC). The grant will provide funding for a more in depth study of the first two phases of the SW connector corridor, begin the preliminary design, and complete the environmental documents for the proposed project. Please check out the video link below for a summary of the project. 


Update: January 17, 2023

Ward County and the City of Minot have teamed with NDDOT to apply for USDOT’s Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Grant program. The Minot’s 2035 Transportation Plan, Ward County’s Transportation Plan, and the recently completed SW & SE Connector Corridor Study have all laid the groundwork for multimodal connections southwest of Minot. This project, we’ve coined “Minot’s Accessible, Growth-driving Intermodal Connector (MAGIC), will improve safety and reliability for transportation in our fast-growing community, specifically on the existing US Highways 2, 52, and US 83. Alternative routes developed will support our local economy by improving connections to local businesses, industry, agriculture and access to our state-of-the-art Trinity Hospital opening in 2023. The RAISE planning grant would allow Ward County, City of Minot, and the NDDOT to continue the planning for both Phase I and II of the connector corridor. This would consist of environmental analysis, equity analysis, community engagement, feasibility study, cost analysis and other preconstruction activities for the projects with the goal of having the projects at about a 30% design. Study Area Map

Update: August 16, 2022

The Ward County Commission receive and file the Ward County SE/SW Connector Study at their August 16th 2022 Commission Meeting.. The Commission also past a motion to seeking grants to cover Phase 1 intersection improvements from Highway 52 to Highway 14 and possibly a look at the Trestle bridge for safety and improvements. The goal would be to work with the ND DOT to secure funding to improve the intersection of County Road 17 and US 2 & 52., the intersection of County Road 12 & 17, the intersection of County Road 14 & 17 and the corridor under the Trestle bridge..

SE-SW Connector

Ward County SW & SE Connector Corridor Study

Due to ongoing growth in the City of Minot in Ward County, North Dakota, transportation demands have greatly increased. To meet these demands and improve traffic safety, Ward County is envisioning a southwest and southeast connector corridor. These improvements would alleviate some of the worst congestion on the existing roadways, including US 83/Broadway, US 52, and US 2. In addition, these improvements would establish new routes where none exist, improving mobility for cars and trucks. 

Please check out a copy of the full report below or check out our video on the project concepts.

Ward County SE/SW Connector Study - Final Report