72nd Street Construction

Update: July 28, 2023

Farden Construction is planning on mobilizing to the project starting July 31st and construction work on CR 14 will be under way. Access and traffic will be impacted as the existing asphalt will be removed between US 2 and 20th Ave, and the road may be closed in sections when new culverts are installed under the roadway. Once the culvert work is completed, the contractor will remove additional roadway materials and prep the road for base stabilization. The extra material needs to be haul away, to minimize changing the profile of the roadway in order to tie into the existing access points along the roadway and the base is being stabilized to address the issues with the subgrade created when the sewer district was put in many years ago. Once the base stabilization process is complete, new aggregate base will be brought in and then the roadway will be paved. Please see the contractors proposed schedule for the project. Farden Construction will be the prime on the project, and Behold Paving will be placing the Hot Bituminous Pavement. 

Contractor's Schedule - Dated July 26, 2023

Farden Construction - CR 14 Timeline
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Roadway Reconstruction on CR 14 (72nd St and 37th Ave) Reconstruction, Base Stabilization, Aggregate Base, and Paving from US 2 south to 20th Ave., and HBP Overlay from 20th Ave to 37th and from 72nd St. to 66th St. - Tentative Start Date of August 2023

This project will consist of Removing the asphalt from US Highway 2 south to 20th Ave, then removing up to 4" of poor subgrade materials. The contractor will then reshape the roadway surface, stabile the soft subgrade with a cement stabilized base, and then will place new aggregate base on the roadway, In areas were the roadway does not have a 4:1 inslope the contractor will be placing addition topsoil along the inslope of the roadway and will replant the grass. This section of roadway will then be paved with 4" of Hot Mix Asphalt. The segment of 72nd street south of 20th Ave down to 37th Ave and 37th Ave from 72nd Street west to 66th will receive a 2" overlay. 

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