Do you have a sample agenda of an Annexation Hearing?

(Name of Petition Carrier Family) Annexation

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ward County Courthouse
1:00 PM

1. Introduction of Lawyer from the Ward County State Attorney’s Office.

A. Determine if all the statutory requirements regarding the petition have been met
If no, the meeting is adjourned.
If yes, the petition is deemed valid and the meeting continues.

2. Call to order of hearing by Chairman of the Ward County Reorganization Committee.

3. Introduction of Ward County Committee Members present

4. Reading of Petition: Ward County Superintendent of Schools and Secretary of
Reorganization Committee

5. Testimony FOR the petition

6. Testimony AGAINST the petition

7. Testimony relative to the equitable adjustment of all property, assets, debts & liabilities among
Districts involved if petition is approved

8. Any additional testimony, either FOR or AGAINST the petition

9. Complete Findings of Facts form by the County Committee
a.) Secretary calls upon each member to read decision
b.) Committee secretary writes motion and the reasons why on Findings
c.) Committee members sign Findings

11. Announce State board meeting – if necessary

12. Adjourn hearing

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3. Do you have a sample agenda of an Annexation Hearing?
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