What will I be asked to do during the testimony part of the annexation hearing?
Guidelines for County
Reorganization Committee Hearing

1. This meeting is a hearing for people to testify to this committee regarding the petitions in annexation.

2. Turn cell phones off or to vibrate.

3. If you must take urgent calls on the cell phone, take your conversation outside of this room.

4. You are only allowed to talk during the testimony part of the meeting.

5. When you testify please print, then sign your name like you sign a check and mark for or against on the sheet at the podium.

6. All testimony should be at the podium and please speak into the microphone because the meeting is being recorded.

7. There is an agenda on page 5 of the packet and we will have testimony for and against the petition and then later you will all get a chance to testify again either for or against the annexation.

8. Talk only to the committee, do not address anyone in the audience or make comments from the audience during testimony or committee deliberation.

9. Please state only information pertinent to this annexation. Try to stick to testimony that is new and different. If you do not have something new to add but want to show support sign in, introduce yourself, state your support and ask to entertain any questions the committee may have.

10. Be respectful of other people’s testimony.

11. Do not talk amongst yourselves when the committee is in deliberation or during testimony.

12. Address any concerns or clarification by approaching the podium and addressing the committee.

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