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1. How do I update my information in the CodeRED system?
2. How do I remove the CodeRED alerts from my phone number?
3. What is the difference between CodeRED emergency alerts and CodeRED weather alerts?
4. Do I need to sign up for CodeRED every year?
5. How can I tell if I'm already signed up to receive CodeRED alerts?
6. How do I know if a phone call, text, or e-mail is from the CodeRED system?
7. I wasn't able to listen to the entire CodeRED message the first time the alert went out. Is there a way to listen to the message again?
8. If I enter my information into CodeRED more than once will my phone number be in the system multiple times so I receive multiple phone calls every time an alert goes out?
9. How many phone numbers can I sign up for CodeRED?
10. How many addresses can I sign up under my phone number in CodeRED? Can I sign up to receive alerts for both my home and business on one phone?